“Wargaming is a human activity essential to mission success that encompasses the broad goals of stimulating ideas, highlighting critical tasks and providing insights otherwise difficult to achieve during planning”

Developing an environment for exploring distributed operations - A wargaming example, U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioural and Social Sciences (May 2005)

Introduction - Welcome to Up the Guts! (UTG), a 6mm (1:285) scale modern rule set designed to represent battles and encounters between Australian Forces and their fictional opposing force. This rules set is a tool that can support  existing Tactical Exercises without Troops in a military learning environment to enable the testing of student developed Courses of Action and is also a great tool to be used for on the spot Professional Military Education or Quick Decision Exercises.


The system is designed for Combat Team (Company/Squadron with attachments) size engagements or activities but can be expanded to Battle Group, or multiple Combat Teams within a Battle Group with some forward planning and imagination on behalf of a seasoned and competent Games Master.

Due to the simplicity of UTG it also lends very well to both seasoned and novice recreational tabletop gamers who have a passion for modern wargaming and a want to improve their own tactical acuman and cognitive ability in a fun and friendly environment.


Miniatures and Terrain - UTG aims to be as accessible as possible and as such makes use of the wide range of 6mm scale miniatures and terrain readily available on the market. As UTG continues to develop we will make accessible the recommended miniatures to allow you to create Australian and Opposing Force formations and scenarios. 

Development - UTG is currently in the Pre-Alpha Phase of Development with lots of rigorous playtesting and rules adjusting being conducted after 18 months of planning and research. Expect an Alpha release and call for playtesters in early to mid 2018.

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