At the end of 2017 TAOR absorbed its long standing gaming adventure WW40k Australia in a move forward to represent the diversity of games and interests that we now represent in an overhaul and re-branding. Below you can find an archive of all of our shenanigans and events over the years since 2009. 

Know that these years of fun and excitement are most definitely not forgotten and the fun and friendly WW40k way of life is still at the heart of what TAOR does and represents.

As we have always said and continue to do so - Tabletop Wargaming as it should be...

Find three buttons below that will link you to all of our legacy and archived WW40k content. There is event results from our Tournament days, a link to a heap of venerable WW40k event and hobby photos which have been conveniently located within our updated TAOR Facebook Gallery and a link to our WW40k Legacy Playlist on Youtube (Warning as with all of our videos - viewer discretion is advised especially if you are offended by naughty words and shennanigans).

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